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Elevate Your Child's Writing Skills with Private Tutoring

Private tutoring works best for parents who:

  • have students that thrive in a smaller environment

  • need a customized approach

  • want to form their own writing team and choose their curriculum

  • want to supplement their child's private or public school writing program

  • don't have the time or don't want to teach their children writing, but still want to be involved

  • are committed to tutoring for a minimum of one semester (fall semester, spring semester, and summer semester sessions are available)

How it works!

  1. Parents reach out to Mrs. Brown via the contact page.

  2. Mrs. Brown will schedule a clarity call to assess needs, establish tutoring goals, and set a tutoring time.

  3. Parents are given a tutoring time that works for their schedule.

  4. Once students are formally enrolled, they receive a dedicated Google Classroom account.

  5. For 1:1 tutoring, parents are invited to join the Google Classroom at the teacher level so they receive all notifications and access to student feedback from their parent's Gmail account.

  6. For semi-private tutoring, parents are invited to join the Google Classroom at the student level so they receive all notifications. They can access all tutor feedback by logging into their student's Gmail account.

  7. Students receive a dedicated Zoom link for their sessions.

  8. All sessions are recorded and available for review until the next live weekly session. Recordings are password protected and only accessible to students and parents enrolled in that tutoring session.

  9. Homework is assigned during each session, and students upload their homework inside the Google Classroom using Google Docs.

  10. Feedback is given on each assignment. Grades can be provided if parents request that option.

Note: Private and Semi-private tutoring is limited to a few slots per year. Priority is given to families who want private tutoring for the entire school year and/or returning families.


Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

Private Tutoring

1 Student

Billed Monthly

$100 hour

Studying Online

Semi-Private Tutoring

4 students max

Billed Monthly

$60 per student/per hr

Learning Together

Semi-Private Tutoring

2 Students max

Billed Monthly

$75 per student/per hr

Interested Student

Group Classes

8 students max

Billed Annually

$35 per student/ per hr

Online Class

Semi-Private Tutoring

3 students max

Billed Monthly

$65 per student/per hr

Studying at Home

On Demand Classes

Student Limit Varies

Billed per class

Starts at $40 per class

In determining our rates, we considered the experience of our instructors, the unique nature of Write with Mrs. Brown's curriculum, and the market value of this educational offering. As a result, prices are fixed and rates are non-negotiable. Before enrolling in a class, parents must read and agree to the terms and conditions.

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