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Welcome to Write with Mrs. Brown! Below are links to some of my favorite FREE resources to help students become better writers. I'll email you periodically if I have something useful to share. The best way to stay informed is to join my Facebook Page. Please let me know how I can support you in your effort to help your students become better writers. 

1. Free IEW Lessons (3 Weeks Free)

2. Free Poetry Lesson

3. IEW App

4. IEW Misplaced Modifiers

5. IEW Literary Devices

6. Free Fix It! Grammar Lessons (4 Weeks Free)

7. Free "How to Write a Paragraph" Graphic Organizer


8.. Get the Free Checklist: 13 Skills It Takes for Students to Write Well -Download Here

Listen to the Podcast Here

9. July 1st - July 10th FREE SHIPPING & $50 Giveaway

10. FREE Public Speaking Giveaway (July 14th)

Mrs. Brown
Certified IEW Instructor

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