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Elevate Your Child's Writing with Tailored Services

We understand that your role as a parent goes beyond just teaching writing – it's about empowering your child's educational journey. That's why we offer a range of services designed with you in mind.

1. Our online group classes ensure that your child receives expert guidance while benefiting from collaborative learning.

2. For a more personalized approach, our private tutoring sessions provide one-on-one attention that enhances their writing skills.

3. We recognize that flexibility is key, which is why our self-paced classes allow your child to learn at their own pace and build writing skills with short lessons..

4. Because we believe students benefit from "open and grow" resources, our literature guides equip students with PDF downloads to support the literature they are reading alongside the IEW program. The digital downloads provide some fun grammar development for younger elementary students.


Your commitment to your child's success is unwavering, and our services are here to help you help your child reach their writing potential. 

Live Online Classes

Online LIVE group classes support 3rd - 9th grade students and their parents using the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Curriculum.. Study hall, grading, and parent support included.


Our self-paced options are for learners who want to build specific writing skills at their own pace. Think Nicole the Math Lady, but for writing students..

(Jan. 2024)

Digital Products

Literature companions   accompany IEW's literature suggestions. Other digital products are available to enhance your child's language arts skills.

(Jan. 2024)


Join Mrs. Brown weekly to get homework help for your IEW student in a group environment. Think Mathnasium, but for IEW students using the writing or Fix It! Grammar programs. 


This option is ideal for students who need 1:1 support, Students receive individual 

instruction using the curriculum of their choice. Semi-private tutoring is also an option.

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