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Welcome to My Blog: Notes from Mrs. Brown

Welcome, lovely parents! I am so excited that you found me! My name is Mrs. Brown, and I'm a former homeschooling mama of four wonderful children, who are now all teenagers. I am a certified writing instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing. I love teaching children how to write while using my musical gifts to help make learning fun. Most of all, I enjoy supporting parents just like you who want their children to grow as writers. In this blog I'll talk about motherhood, homeschooling, writing, and grammar. You can expect to get tips to help your children become better writers, but most of all, I hope you leave encouraged and equipped for this journey with your children. I will also be sharing some of the "notes from my journey" which will include not only my wins while teaching my children, but my mistakes as well.

Let's be real. Teaching writing is not always an easy and beautiful process. Writing is a marathon, not a sprint. So grab some coffee, tea, or beverage of your choice and join the discussion. What would you like to talk about? Drop a comment or question below.

-Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown, Certified IEW Instructor

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