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Celebrating Student Success: Cale’s Extraordinary Journey with Write with Mrs. Brown

Updated: Jul 9

As a homeschooling parent, you want the best for your child's education. You seek programs that not only improve their academic skills but also instill a love for learning. Today, I want to share an inspiring story that demonstrates the transformative power of our writing and grammar classes at Write with Mrs. Brown.

Meet Cale, a bright 8th grader who has been a part of my writing and grammar classes for the last three years. When Cale first started, writing was not his favorite subject. In his own words, he found it boring and time-consuming. He struggled to find motivation and didn’t know where to begin.

But today, Cale’s story is nothing short of extraordinary.

This year, he had not one, but two pieces published in the print version of Magnum Opus Magazine, an honor reserved for some of the best youth writers. But that’s not all. Cale scored an impressive 23 in English and a 24 in reading on his ACT, all without any ACT test prep. For context, the median ACT score for 8th graders is 13, for 9th graders it’s 15, for 10th graders it’s 18, and for 11th graders it’s 21.

Cale’s achievements are a testament to the power of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) method and the engaging, supportive environment we create in my classes.

In Cale's Own Words

Now, let’s hear directly from Cale. Here’s what he had to say:

“Mrs. Brown is awesome! I am a 13-year-old boy and Mrs. Brown has been my writing teacher for the last two years. When I first began writing, I really didn’t like it at all. It was boring and time-consuming. I just didn’t feel motivated and I never felt like I knew how to even start. After being a student with Mrs. Brown, I feel encouraged and writing has actually become something I enjoy. This year, thanks to my fantastic tutor, I developed a love for writing and I’m actually writing a book over the summer. The IEW writing method gives me clear direction and helps me stay focused on the topic. Mrs. Brown makes class fun because we play Jeopardy, Kahoot, Battleship, and ‘Stump Mrs. Brown’. I feel motivated to complete my assignments because I know she will give feedback and I really want to get a good grade! I also look forward to sharing my writing in class and working together on Fix It Grammar with other students, who I now consider friends. In addition to all that Mrs. Brown does, any time I’ve reached out to her for extra help, she replies with a video or voice message and she always gives extra tools to help everyone understand the assignment. As a student, I feel VERY motivated and supported! I can’t wait to be a "MrsBrownian" again this fall!”

Isn’t that fantastic? Cale’s words truly capture the essence of what I aim to achieve at Write with Mrs. Brown. It’s about more than just improving writing skills. It’s about fostering a love for writing, building confidence, and creating a supportive community where students feel motivated and excited to learn.

Beyond the Classroom: Real-World Success

I know many of you might be wondering if students who take my classes do well in writing outside of the class on tests and essays that are not specifically IEW assignments. Cale’s story is proof that the answer is a resounding yes. His exceptional ACT scores in English and reading, achieved without any additional test prep, demonstrate the solid foundation and transferable skills that my classes provide.

If you’re a homeschooling parent with middle school or high school students, and you’re considering whether investing in IEW and a year-long class with me is worth it, I hope Cale’s story has inspired you. It’s not just about the grades and the test scores, although those are important. It’s about helping your child develop a lifelong love for writing, a skill that will benefit them in countless ways throughout their lives.

Ready to Transform Your Child's Writing Journey?

So, are you ready to see your child thrive in writing and beyond? Join one of my fall classes and let’s make this academic year a transformative one. Simply explore my fall classes to get started and learn more about how we can support your child’s writing journey. I can’t wait to welcome more students into our community and celebrate many more success stories together. Until next time, keep encouraging your young writers, and remember—the best is yet to come.

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