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Checklist Challenge for IEW Students (Units 1 & 2)

  • 8Weeks
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Class Description: Welcome to the Checklist Challenge for IEW Students (Units 1 & 2)! This self-paced class is designed to empower IEW students and help them practice their editing skills. Throughout this engaging course, students will have the opportunity to become an editor, honing their abilities in following checklists and perfecting the skill of turning a first draft into a final draft. This self-paced class is for Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) students who want a refresher. Please note that they will be given incomplete papers to grade and edit according to the checklist provided. Class Goal: The goal is for students to practice following the IEW checklist, labeling dress-ups and openers correctly, and using the IEW materials they currently have as resources to help them accomplish the tasks presented. Format: This class is self-paced and has no live instruction or support. Age: This class is best for IEW students who are in 4th - 8th grades needing review. Length: Students will be given four papers to edit. Access to this class lasts for 60 days. Students will review the following: 1. How to follow the IEW checklist 2. Prepositional openers 3. Clausal openers 4. -ing openers 5. Strong verbs and infinitives 6. Because clauses and imposters 7. clausal words 8. vocabulary and more..... All materials are provided as a pdf download. Editing must be done on the computer because all the papers are typed.

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